Enforce a single judgment award

  • No up-front or out-of-pocket fees
  • Assigned investigations expert
  • Individualized recovery plan for satisfaction
  • Real-time updates on active debtor assets

39% fee from recovered amount up to $35,000

39% fee from any additional amounts recovered.

Enforce Judgment
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The easiest way to enforce your judgment

No Out-Of-Pocket Fees

Entrusting us with your judgment enforcement means never getting a bill. Any accrued costs or fees are reimbursed through settlement funds we receive from the debtor and disclosed to you in a clear breakdown alongside your settlement payment.  

Custom Recovery Plan

Our enforcement model combines analytic technology with investigative expertise to create an individualized route for recovery. 

Complete Debtor Background Search

Our access to the industry’s most comprehensive search tools, along with our proprietary asset location software allows us to efficiently and effectively construct a thorough profile of the correct debtor. 

Enforce your judgment in 3 easy steps

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Enforce Judgment


What services does Creditor Solutions provide?

At Creditor Solutions, we take control of the recovery process for judgment creditors. Our sole focus is on claiming funds owed to our clients from outstanding judgment awards as quickly as possible. As a result, our network of motivated analysts, investigators and attorneys are able to deliver personalized attention to every claim.

How much experience does Creditor Solutions have in judgment enforcement?

The members of Creditor Solutions have years of experience and thousands of successful enforcements. In fact, judgment enforcement is all that we do. Our in-house team of investigation agents, financial analysts, negotiation coaches, legal support staff and account representatives are solely focused on the goal of satisfaction of outstanding awards.

Will I have to assign my judgment award to Creditor Solutions?

We do not purchase or take ownership of any judgment awards we enforce. As our clients, we work with the Judgment Creditors, as partners, to resolve the outstanding judgment debt.