More often than not, making a judgment creditor whole requires us to pursue payment from the judgment debtor. If you’ve heard from us, the county clerk’s office considers your properly recorded judgment award unsatisfied.

At Creditor Solutions, we develop custom recovery strategies for our clients. Our methods have helped thousands of judgment creditors collect what they are legally owed, while also helping judgment debtors reduce their outstanding debt and improve their financial health.

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Our Purpose

Helping make judgment creditors whole by eliminating outstanding judgment debt.

Our Method

  • Bank Levies
  • Turnover Orders
  • Charging Orders
  • Wage Garnishments
  • Writs of Execution

... and more

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We will not misrepresent the amount a debtor owes, falsely claim the debtor will be arrested, or claim legal action will be taken against them if it’s not true. We will not collect unauthorized interest, fees, or other charges on top of the amount they owe unless the original court judgment allows it.

Creditor Solutions adheres to ACA International’s stringent code of ethics in an effort to promote fair and honest asset receivables collection practices and legal debt collection processes.

Our Standard

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Our Team

An enormous tribute to our success is the extensive experience of our investigation experts. Having engrained our proprietary investigative technology into every stage of the recovery process, our experts consistently deliver impressive results without cutting corners.

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We strive to integrate technology with customized settlement solutions for both debtor and creditor satisfaction.

Our Practice

Creditor Solutions provides a risk-free course of action. We don’t charge consultation fees or hourly rates. If we are unable to recover any judgment proceeds, there is absolutely no payment obligation on the part of the client.

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